Things I’m loving this week

loving - 1

At-home schooling = English reading for me, too! Perk of Lauren being completely remote to start the year is that I, too, can read all the books her English teacher sent home. Been wanting to read this one.

loving - 2

September weather. The sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular lately. I also like the cooler nights and mornings either. I love to sit outside in a sweatshirt in the evenings and to be slightly cold when I start my morning run.  I don’t like what I know the shorter nights and cooler temps will lead to, but…let’s just not think about that right now.

loving - 3

Low-key b-days. I don’t love parties or my birthday or any sort of thing where I’m the center of attention, so this is my kinda birthday….dinner at the Plymouth and a warm summer evening walk on the bayfront.


Can-do kids. Lauren put all the new class/craftroom IKEA cabinets together herself, with no help from anyone. #impressed

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving - 1

Making salsa. I think I’ve put up something like 41 jars of salsa, and I’m done….probably. Maybe one more batch if I have the peppers, but…I will let the tomatoes rot on the vine at this point.  Also, it’s nearly impossible to find lids or canning jars (though I found out my mom has a stash of jars), so…when the lids run out, I’m done.

Resetting my internet all day long. Does this happen to anyone else? Anywhere from three to ten times a day one of us (usually me or Lauren) has to climb under my desk and unscrew the cable from the wall, then screw it back in to reset our internet (Spectrum). I cannot figure out what the problem is and Dan says it’s not the cable or the cable outlet thingy, but I’ve replaced everything else — the modem, the wifi router, the PC, etc. I’m at wits end here…’s really a problem with three of us here relying on it now for school/work.