Things I’m loving this week

IKEA. I mean, there’s a reason everyone loves this store and it boils down to high-quality goods at an affordable price. Also the simple, clean designs of IKEA totally appeal to my minimalist style. We are building a desk for Lauren in what was once the playroom (stay tuned for updates on the renovation progress!) and we found the base drawer units and a tall unit at IKEA in Pittsburgh. We ordered it via “click and collect” (they bring it to your car) and had a half hour to run inside. Lauren LOVED it, of course, and we both want to go back soon. It was worth four hours of driving on a Monday evening.

Speaking of the playroom renovation….

Lauren’s new home-improvement prowess. Working with my in-laws on their apartments all summer has taught Lauren a few things — like how to remove carpet and then remove all the nails and sweep up. She’s going to install the laminate flooring and paint the accent pieces/furniture in the room, too.

Steak salads. They are great with ranch and a little bit of steak sauce for the dressing and even better when made with just-picked lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and more from your own garden. I love August when we can reap the fruits (er, veggies) of our labor and nightly watering.

Sunrise runs. I don’t love to run alone. In fact, I find it boring and hard as hell, but when I do have to go it alone, it helps to be able to enjoy scenes like this.

Shoe Carnival’s BOGO1/2 OFF sale. We ran up to Ollie’s to get flooring for the playroom/craftroom/classroom project and ran over to Shoe Carnival to get some shoes for an upcoming wedding and see what we might find on sale. I found these cute Sperry’s for Kelly for $30 and — yes — they were part of the Buy One, Get One Half Price sale. Sweet. We got four pairs of shoes for $75, which is not bad.

Home organization. I’m not even going to be humble about this. When it comes to organization, I’m a master. Now, when it comes to letting go of stuff….well, there I lack a little bit. There’s not a really good reason to keep ALL of these toys, except that I can’t bear to let them go. I might have grandchildren some day, you know.

Things I’m not loving this week

WordPress’ new “blocks” editor. OMFG….why do they have to constantly “improve” things that are not broken? WordPress debuted a new “blocks” format with pop-up shit and obscure icons everywhere. I can only upload one damn image at a time for a post and it forces me to put every single paragraph in a separate block of text which is HIGHLY ANNOYING when I want to copy and paste the entire post into something else. I don’t have to time to figure out this new format and I am so frustrated with it. I wish they’d let us choose and opt for the old format, which I did for weeks when they were rolling out this “new & improved” blocks crap. Two thumbs down from me, WordPress. Give me the classic editor back. Blocks blow.

Canning in August. There’s nothing more miserable that slaving over boiling vats of salsa/tomatoes and water to preserve the taste of summer, but…the sweat equity is worth it in February when we’re still enjoying tomatoes that have actual flavor.