Things I’m loving this week

loving - garage raising

Garage-raising. Welp, the long-awaited (and I mean years) garage project is finally underway. The truck arrived Friday with all (most) of the materials (roofing, garage door, trusses to come later) and the guys showed up Sunday to get it going.

loving - peach iced tea

Peach Ice Tea from Aldi. I picked this up on a whim….thinking I might like something other than water and coffee to drink and — wow — do I love this iced tea which has just enough peach flavor to make it sweet, without tasting chemical-ly.

loving -0 running at PISP

Running at PISP. The 30-minute drive is ALWAYS worth it to run on Saturday mornings at this gorgeous park with great friends. We’ve been starting at Rotary to avoid the crowds at the front of the park and I have enjoyed the change of scenery. So many years we’ve run the “front half” of the park, now we’re getting to know every inch of the “back half.”

caprese skewers1

Caprese skewers. I found a new way to make caprese skewers that allows them to “stand up.” Just cut the cherry/grape tomato in half…or cut a small slice off the bottom of the tomato so it will stand up. On each toothpick, spear a tomato, basil leaf, and a piece of fresh mozzarella (you can buy “pearls” which make it easy). Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and voila!

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving - FFS

Fearmongering using shit that is actually happening right now. Guys….he’s running ads about “Biden’s America” using footage from things that are happening RIGHT NOW in Trump’s America. The irony…the hypocrisy…the audacity! (Not that he’d know what any of those words mean…). HOW can anyone support this moron????

not loving - killers

Death at my door…almost daily. Look at his face. Do you see how proud he is of his latest kill? Ugh.

grad extrs 3

Parties. Kelly’s graduation party is this Sunday and…oh my lord, the work, the money, the stress, the worry. I don’t love having parties, but…I love Kelly and she wants (and deserves) one, so….