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Rolling Stone: A Final Visit With Prince: Rolling Stone’s Lost Cover Story

AP: Misinformation on coronavirus is proving highly contagious (We. Are. So. Screwed.)

“As the world races to find a vaccine and a treatment for COVID-19, there is seemingly no antidote in sight for the burgeoning outbreak of coronavirus conspiracy theories, hoaxes, anti-mask myths and sham cures.

“The phenomenon, unfolding largely on social media, escalated this week when President Donald Trump retweeted a false video about an anti-malaria drug being a cure for the virus and it was revealed that Russian intelligence is spreading disinformation about the crisis through English-language websites.”

Audubon.org: 10 Fun Facts About the American Robin  (These “pedestrian” birds are actually pretty remarkable in several ways.)


“Homegoing” by Yaa Gyasi. I chose this book after hearing an NPR reviewand in an effort to deliberately include some African-American authors into my reading life and…wow..am I glad I picked this one. Two half sisters, Effia and Esi, are born into the Fante and Asante tribes of 18th century Ghana. The book follows their families, with successive chapters mining stories from each lineage. Effia’s descendents remain in Africa, warring and intermarrying with members of different tribes. Esi is enslaved by an American planter. At times….it’s hard to keep them all straight, but a family tree in the front of the book is helpful..as is “Xray” if you’re reading on a Kindle.