Things I’m loving this week

loving 1 -= plymouth

The Plymouth. We finally got to eat at our favorite Erie restaurant Saturday night. Oh, how we have missed the Plymouth. They didn’t do the “take out” thing during the COVID-19 shut down and just recently opened back up. It was as awesome as always…and less crowded, though I know that’s not good for them.

loving 2 - huegel story

This photo. I wrote this story about my beloved friends, John and Linda Huegel’s historic home in McKean township and, you may not realize this, but writers rarely see the art that accompanies their story until it’s in print. The writer hands in their story…the photographer is assigned and he/she sends their photos to the editor. I could not have been more pleased to see this as the main photo because it’s the essence of John and Linda. Such great work by Erie Times-News photographer, Jack Hanrahan. I miss Jack and the other ETN photographers — they are so very talented.

loving 3 - rr hof

The Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame in the age of COVID-19. There are a few silver linings to the COVID19 thing — like the new lap reservation system at the YMCA (oh, PLEASE keep that!) and the fact that places are limited to about half capacity, which means they are often much more enjoyable experiences for visitors. Case in point: We had tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland for a weekend trip we were going to take in April. Obviously that was all canceled in the shut-down, but the tickets didn’t expire until January 2021, so when I learned the Hall was back open, I decided we’d better go sooner rather than later (lest we all get shut down again). Despite having to wear masks the entire time we were there, it was a much more enjoyable experience as crowds were about 1/3 of what they were the last two times I’ve been there. The girls, who can now appreciate the museum as they know a lot of the artists/music, really enjoyed it.

loving 4 - bayfront walks

Evening walks on the bayfront. We often take walks in the evening and there’s no where I love to walk more than down on the bayfront. We park at the library and walk along the water and are often treated to a spectacular sunset on the way back. We are so spoiled by our sunsets here in Erie.

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving 1

Slacker cats. Picture this: I’m outside, sweat dripping off my nose and fogging my sunglasses while I weed my flower beds and trim bushes and I look up to see this lazy cat snoozing on the windowsill. (I say I’m not loving it, but….it did make me smile.)

Six months and still no plan. Did you ever think that we would not have this virus under control by the end of the summer? I am a skeptic and even I would’ve never thought that, but…here we are, almost into August….seven MONTHS since this virus arrived (that we know of) in the U.S. and we are right where we started. It’s pretty clear our schools will be closed again this year largely because of the incompetent buffoon in the White House and all his enablers in Congress. ‘merica!