Things I’m loving this week

liking - 7.23 -2

Pool Rules flag. My sister bought us this flag for our pool and, it’s just perfect. Especially the part about “proudly serving whatever you bring.” A good hostess I am not.

liking - 7.23 -3

Kelly’s Summer Start. I’m so glad we opted to have Kelly participate in the Summer Start/Pathways to Success program at Behrend because she’s enjoying the classes, getting a wake-up call to how demanding college courses are, and learning to navigate all the online platforms and programs Penn State uses (and they use a LOT of them). I strongly suspect the vast majority of her fall classes will be online, so this has been a nice intro. She’s also getting extra math help, via the Math Academy, and peer mentoring too. It’s been hard for her to have classes all day, work in the afternoon/evenings, and then do homework at night, but….that’s college, right?!

liking 7.23 -4

Country Liv’n Kennel’s grooming. We’ve been at a loss since our favorite grooming place changed hands and we weren’t happy with the new owners or prices. We took Sam to Petsmart a few times and that’s fine, but we’d much rather support small businesses in our community, so when a friend suggested Country Liv’n Kennels in Fairview, we decided to give them a try. The employees there were so kind and, of course, immediately loved Sam (he’s quite lovable) and they did a GREAT job on his haircut AND it was cheaper than any other groomer we have been, too. Even better, they said he was so comfortable waiting for us that he fell asleep. That never happens…he’s usually quite anxious till we pick him up.

liking 7.23 -5

West BayWalks. Our West Bayfront, a neighborhood organization in Erie (on, you might have guessed, the west bayfront) are hosting a series of self-guided walks this summer. The first one was posted this week and was a Mural walk. Kelly and I did it on a recent Friday at lunchtime and enjoyed the route, seeing new things, and hunting murals. Check it out here.

Things I’m not loving this week

not liking 7.23. - 1

Heat/humidity/blazing sun. I know…I know…in six months, I’ll be whining about the cold and snow, but I truly cannot stand humidity and the hot sun in my face. Ugh. It makes running nearly impossible — this photo above was taking at Presque Isle on my way to meet friends to run at 6:30 a.m. and I still wilted in the heat/humidity that morning.

RBG’s health. This literally made me scream out, “NO!” when I saw the news last week. It’s more important than ever that we take the White House in November because if the GOP gets one more seat on the Supreme Court, our democracy (and separation of Church and state) are done for. And, if you don’t think that’s a problem — let me say this: What if that Church were Muslim or Jewish…would you be OK with the state telling you what to do then? If christianity is your religion — fine’s yours. Have it. It’s not mine and don’t think for one minute you’re going to force it on me.

What the hell is happening in Portland. I can’t put it any better than this editorial in The Cut: What the hell is happening in Portland? Protesters have been grabbed off the street by federal police in camouflage and body armor, and forced into unmarked vans. IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WTF is happening?  Hey, all you gun loving militiamen…this is what you’ve been waiting for — a militarized gov. violating your civil liberties.