Things I’m loving this week

liking - grilled zucchini

Simple grilled zucchini. If you have a garden and a zucchini plant in it, chances are you’re already harvesting. The most simple way to cook it in summer? Brush it with a little olive oil, sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and salt and grill it. It’s better than you might think!

liking - reading chair

Cantonsville Barrel chair. I’ve been looking for a very small, but comfy chair for my bedroom that I can use for times I’m hanging in my room (i.e. watching a show I want to watch myself, or the kids have friends over and are in the living room, etc.) and I stumbled upon the perfect chair at Target. I waited months and months for it to go on sale. It never did, so I just bought it; and I’m glad I didn’t miss out on it, even if it is more than I wanted to spend ($200).

liking - book

“Mean Streak” by Sandra Brown. I’ve never read anything she wrote before, but she is, apparently, a pretty prolific writer. This one starts with a marathon running going missing on a trail run, which is probably what caught my attention. I’ve enjoyed it…and can’t wait to finish it…and, yet, I don’t want it to end. I love books like that.


Mystry Zone summer sleeveless top. I don’t normally buy clothes online because fit is so personal and you can’t touch/see the fabric to know if it’s something you’d like, but I took a chance andordered this $20 top for Lauren as one of her birthday gifts and I love it! It looks great on her and is a nice feeling silky cotton, too. It comes in like 20+ colors/designs.

Things I’m not loving this week

COVID-19 pounds. UGH…I know I’m not alone, but all this staying at home and stress eating and the circus in D.C. is taking a toll on my bod. And, this is not good. I’m old…it’s hard to lose weight now. *warms another slice of leftover pizza*

The fact that we have 130,000+ dead and still NO PLAN. This is insane. The U.S. is spiraling out of control and our president is spending all his time golfing, making up shit about Biden and protecting statutes of U.S. traitors.

School return stress. Will we? Won’t we? Will all of Kelly’s college classes be online now? Will Lauren have ANY sort of senior year? Will there be any sports? Did ANYONE on earth think we would not have this shit under control by the time school started again?