Things I’m loving this week

loving - garage guys

Garage demo crew. We’re blessed with a big and capable family who can do everything from deconstruction to construction. We’ve got most of the trades covered, with the exception of plaster and brickwork (those we contract out). Last weekend, the crew demolished our garage, the last remaining part of the original house we purchased. A new garage will take it’s place….once the bank comes through with the loan and the crew returns for a “garage raising.”

loving - knockarounds

Knockarounds sunglasses. I am in love with my new running sunglasses, which I can wear in the pool because if they get wet, the water will not ruin the finish like it does my Goodrs, which I used to love. Knockarounds are more durable, cheaper, and they come in a variety of styles so you can find one that fits your face. These areBlueberry Geode Mai Tais.

loving - sunset kayaking

Sunset kayaking. My favorite time of day to kayak is late evening, just before sunset. We tend to stick to smaller lakes, where motorboats are not allowed. It makes for a much more peaceful experience.

loving - yearbooks

SHS 2020 Yearbook. The girls’ yearbook is so cool this year, which is saying something considering how the whole year went to hell in March.

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving - hawk

A death in the yard. So, Lauren is mowing last week and sees this giant bird land in our yard. She chased the dog away and finds it’s a hawk that is clearly injured. For over an hour, we flitted around it, calling the wildlife rescue and protecting it from the songbirds who were dive-bombing it. We were about to transport it to the wildlife rescue when it expired. When we flipped him over, he had an old and horrible injury to his foot that was severely infected. Poor guy must’ve been in serious pain for quite some time. It was sad that he died, but it was cool to pet and get an up-close look at a bad-ass predator.


Mosquito bites. Poor Lauren seems to be more affected than most by insect bites and the skeeters got her good last week. I think she’ll remember bug spray from now on.