Things I’m loving this week

loving hair

Covid-19 hair grow-out. I didn’t plan to grow my hair out this year, but here we are and mine has finally reached the length where I can pull it up into a tiny little fountain on the top of my head in what I affectionately call “the Betsy” after my morning running partner who pulls this cuteness off every day when we would meet at 5 a.m.

loving - no bikes

No bikes. If I was in the market for a bike, this would be in my “not loving” column, but since we’ve got plenty of bikes, it warms my little fitness-loving heart to see stores completely sold out of fitness and outdoor equipment, including bikes.

loving geese

The Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery geese. They give me heart failure this time of year when they are continually crossing their babies across Shannon Road (hence you will see me standing in the middle of the road acting as Geese crossing guard when I run that way), but I love this time of year when the lawn is full of geese lounging and babysitting all the goslings.

Baby bunnies. OH. MY. GOD. Nature doesn’t get any cuter than these tiny (palm size) bunnies that Lauren scared out of their nest when she was recently mowing (don’t worry, the nest is in a flowerbed). We know better than to pick them up, but one of them had gotten far from the others and in the danger zone  (i.e. Sam could reach it), so we moved it back with it’s siblings, who I’m sure found their way back to the nest.

Things I’m not loving this week

A “different” kind of NSO. Kelly did her Penn State New Student Orientation on Friday and, like everything today, it was sure different than normal. It was all done online because: COVID-19. It had to be this way and it probably would have been just fin if I didn’t work at PSU and know that it should have been…which is sooooooo much more (free pizza lunch, free tshirt, directors & professors in suits, the lion to take photos with, etc.). I think this made me more sad than the remote high school graduation. BUT…I’m glad to hear PSU will have in-person classes this fall, so at least there’s that!