Things I’m loving this week

biking clouds

Biking under “Big Sky” clouds. I have a love/hate relationship with biking. Honestly, I just don’t know how I feel about it, but on days like last Sunday, I love exploring long country roads. The scenery was ridiculously beautiful with bright blue skies and puffy clouds and the temperature was perfect (not too hot, not too cold). On days like that, I could bike forever and a planned 10-ish-miler turned into 25. I’ll take a thousand more days just like that.

Kelly - major award

This major award for Kelly. When Kelly went to pick up her graduation programs at the school, she was presented with this Wattsburg Education Association Award, an award given by a collective association of teachers to one student in the graduating class who really came out of their shell and transformed into a leader….and Kelly won. It’s much deserved and we were thrilled for her.

Along those lines….


A family graduation celebration.  Look, the Class of 2020 graduation was nothing if not unconventional, but I thought it was pretty awesome that we got to celebrate them and her ENTIRE family (on the Cass side) got to watch her & her cousin’s graduation ceremony online (broadcast on our pool fence). It was better than we expected and I, for one, am not sorry I spent that night in shorts poolside rather than in a dress in a hot, overcrowded auditorium.

breakfast poolside

Breakfast poolside. Eating quiche and drinking a Tim Horton’s while sitting poolside after a 6-miler with friends is as close to Heaven as this heathen is probably ever going to get.

Along those lines….

paddling at sunset

Paddling on a glass-like lake at sunset. I mean….Do I even need to say anything here? We’re so lucky to have this lake. So lucky to have these sunsets. I’m so lucky to have great, active friends. Here, on this lake at sunset with friends…I forget that our world is literally on fire.


Working from home. My god, I am loving this new office. Going back to the real office where I have to wear actual  pants and makeup is going to SUCK.


The Black Lives Matter protests. It feels like we’ve reached a tipping point and boy, am I glad. This bullshit has got to change, and in this era when few of us can control any of the shit happening around us, THIS we can do. HERE we can effect change. I truly believe we will and I pray we do.

Things I’m not loving this week

You know what…there’s plenty to not love, but lets just focus on the positive this week, eh?