Things I’m loving this week

loving -scholarship - Copy

Scholarships! Kelly found out she won the Yaple-Kerr Scholarship, which she applied for through her school. Thanks $1K she doesn’t have to pay back! Yay!

loving 4

Solar fence post lights. We stumbled across these at Value Home Center and for $11.50 a piece figured we’d buy a few. We bought three and put them on the pool fence. We liked them so much, we went and bought a bunch more to sit atop the posts on the entire low-side of the fence.

loving -murals in NE - Copy

Murals in North East. Downtown N.E. has some nice murals painted on the windows, including this adorable butterfly, which sits next to a window that salutes the Class of 2020.  This butterfly is tooooooo cute, though.

loving - creek yaking

Creek kayaking. There is nowhere I love to kayak more than creeks. They are calm, can be easily paddled back and forth, and usually offer shade and interesting scenery on the banks. Lauren’s all-time favorite place to ‘yak is Elk Creek in Girard. It’s short. You can’t go far — maybe a mile — but it’s so clear (unless it’s recently rained) that you can see the fish swimming below you. And there are lots of fish as this creek feeds lake Erie. You can yak in the calm waters of the creek for a bit, then go venture out onto the lake, if you wish. Or, you can put the boats on your car and go for a little hike in the paths at Erie Bluffs State Park, which border the Elk Creek Boat Launch parking lot. This is a photo from our hike at the bluffs just before sunset:

loving - bluffs

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving - big box

The Big Box in my driveway. In preparation for tearing down our old garage and building a new one, we now have this expensive monstrosity/temporary storage facilty sitting next to our driveway. Yay for home improvement projects. #thatssarcasm #Imsooverhomeprojects #tajmahgarage

not loving - bella

Saying goodbye to Bella. While the U.S. was on fire Saturday night (speaking of things I hate), I was at home puffy faced and nursing a terrible headache from the stress of saying a final goodbye to my favorite cat ever. She was just 10, and I feel robbed, but…”nothing is good” seems to be the theme of 2020. I miss her terribly.

A baby in distress. I was walking late one evening, just before dark when I heard something crying repeatedly. It was a tiny raccoon, struggling to stay on his tree and, I assume, make it back into his hole. I can only hope it’s mother heard it and came to it’s rescue. Poor baby’s cries nearly broke my heart: