Things I’m loving this week

loving 1

PopLuck.  What a fun treat today in these days when ordering takeout is a largely disappointing experience (lukewarm food, soggy fries, etc.).PopLuck Popcorn arrives just as you’d expect it! Just call up PopLuck, place your order, pay with a credit card, text when they get there and they’ll bring your popcorn out to you. Follow them on Facebook to see their daily offerings and specials.


Hanging ferns. Last year, I bought ferns instead of flowering baskets for my front porch because I got tired of picking up all the spent blooms from the petunia pots I bought. They looked great all summer and didn’t leave a bunch of flower litter all over my porch. I was happy to find them at Walmart last week for just $10 each.

at home

At Home curbside pickup.  I went to three stores last weekend looking for replacement cushions for my outdoor table and could not find four of the same cushions anywhere. I was frustrated further when I went online to find that every store I had visited was ALSO out of stock online. On a whim, I looked at AtHome and found exactly what I was looking for…and at buy one get one 1/2 price! I decided to do the curbside pickup since i knew exactly what I wanted and it was really sweet. Text them when you’re on your way. Text them when you get there and….voila…they bring your goods out, take your card in to run the payment and you’re on your way in a few minutes.


Poolside Firepit. I wanted a new firetable that was actually warm. We looked in several stores and, again, they were out of stock all over. We found one — just one — at Target and grabbed it. I was worried we made a mistake grabbing something just cause it was the only one we could find, but it was a wise choice — I LOVE It and it was just $200.

loving - mat

My new welcome mat. I’m in love with this adorable, colorful mat I found at Walmart for less than $15. It makes me happy.

Things I’m not loving this week


Chippies in the downspouts. If I had a dollar for all the downspouts, drainage pipes, and other aluminum and PVC pipes my dog has destroyed in pursuit of chipmunks, I could afford to replace them all.


Masks. I just hate them. I do. I don’t care how “cute” they are. They are stifling and maddening. I’ll do it because it means protecting others, but all I can think is that we all look like we are all misbehaving women in The Handmaid’s Tale.