Things I’m loving this week:


A H.S. Grad in the House.  This is deserving of an entire post and I swear I’ll find the time to do it for Tuesday, but….Kelly “graduated” last night and walked across the stage to collect her diploma and turn her tassel. Suffice it say it was not what any of us expected (or wanted), but in light of the mess we’re living in, I’m glad we still got to have something even if it was just slightly sad and a little anticlimactic.

loving 2

Redbuds are abloom. I don’t even know if these flowering trees are actually redbuds and I’m too lazy too Google it, but it’s my blog and we’re living in a post-truth era, so… Anyway…..there are tons of these trees lining the bayfront connector trail and last week they all burst into bloom and they smell as heavenly as they look.

loving 3

Life 101: Poker Lessons. We’re still trying to do daily Life 101 lessons and Saturday night was a fun one — how to play poker. We played 7-card no peek and 5-card stud and also “screw your neighbor” which I don’t think is a poker game, but…was fun anyway. The Life 101 thing was my attempt to teach the girls all the little things we never had time to since we had so much time on our hands. I’ll admit this is getting harder to accomplish in May when the weather is nice and we’re outside more and they also actually have schoolwork to do.

loving 4

Solar post lights. We found these solar lights at Value Home Center for about $11. They looked so nice on our pool fence, we bought enough to put on every post on the 4-foot size. They’re not bright, but offer some nice accent lighting.

loving 5

An in-house painter. It all started with an outdoor plastic storage container I was going to toss because it looked so bad (weathered, mottled). I hated to do that though because it was perfectly functional — it just needed painted. Hmmmm…..I wonder if I can spraypaint it. Yes, yes, you can. You can spraypaint all kinds of things — like plastic containers, chairs, wooden rocking chairs (“roughed” up first), and more. Lauren was all about it….and let’s just say that I’m probably now on someone’s list for having bought something like 15 cans of spraypaint in the last week.

Things I’m not loving this week

not loving 1

Virtual book club meetings. After postposting our February book club meeting three times, we finally decided to have it via Zoom last Friday. It was nice to “see” everyone and I’m thankful for Zoom and the ability to discuss books with a bunch of friends from my own back porch, but it wasn’t the same. I used to think I was an introvert. This pandemic has proved that I’m definitely not.

not loving 2

Cabinet crash. So this happened. That’s a storage cabinet that was hanging on the wall above the toilet until it came crashing down — loudly and violently — last Friday night. It’s the result of water overflowing from the tub upstairs (this was months ago) that rotted a spot in the ceiling and dripped water onto the cabinet, which then rotted from the water. Long story short, last Friday it gave up the fight and I had to go searching for a new cabinet, which turned out to be no easy feat as every home store I went to had either super cheap cabinets or….they were not white or glass fronted (why would you buy a glass front storage cabinet? I don’t want to display my stuff, I want to store it behind a door). ANYWAY….I ended up buying one from Wayfair and I like it a lot.

No public restrooms…anywhere….ever. PEOPLE…THIS IS AN ISSUE. Or, maybe it’s just an issue for me and my notoriously baby bladder, but…just try and find a place to pee in public that does not involve squatting behind a bush, which I will totally do, but…..I’m trying to be a civilized human being here….