Things I’m loving this week

loving - carrot cake

Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting. Kelly spent nearly an entire day making this 7-layer Mother’s Day cake….and it was my fav — carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

loving - dollar tree grad stuff

Dollar Store Graduation decorations. Went to Dollar Tree to save money on a bunch of cards I needed to buy. I spent $50. Yah. You can tell it’s been awhile since I’ve wandered around a store. At least $20 of that were Class of 2020 decorations and such. Who knows if there will ever be a graduation party, but if there is…I’m ready.

loving - running with friends

Running with friends again! yay for the COVID-19 yellow zone that means I can run with a friend again. Boo for the the damned snow in May. WTH? It’s like even Mother Nature is angry with the world, too.

loving - tiny flowers

Grass flower weeds. I love tiny flowers in the grass. yep, even dandelions. One man’s weeds….

Things I’m not loving

not loving 2

Finding this on a towel you just took off your body. ’nuff said. (And, yes, I transported him outside, of course).

not loving1

Walking in the snow. Now I feel silly complaining about the rain….because mid-May snow is worse.