A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Mental Floss: The Russian Family That Cut Itself Off From Civilization for More Than 40 Years

Harvard Business Review: Make Peace With your Unlived Life (One of my greatest parenting fears is that my kids become who they think I expect them to be and not who they actually are.)

“If there is too great a discrepancy between the “true” and the “false” self, it will make for a vulnerable sense of identity. And if we are unable to acquire a stable sense of identity—we may end up one day unraveling as Tina did. After a lifetime of complying to others’ expectations, Tina was experiencing what Erikson would call a delayed identity crisis. At a certain point in her life, it became difficult for her keep up the lie.”

The Guardian: Yoga With Adriene: How the YouTube Star Won Lockdown (Would you guys believe I’ve actually been doing yoga at home? Yep…mostly because I really like this woman & her pup, Benji, who sleeps through every workout.)

GEN:An Anti-Gay Crusader and Her Gay Son Were Making It Work. Then Came Trump.(wow…what a story…)