Things I’m loving this week

Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker (TV Mini ...

Self Made on Netflix. I knew about Madam CJ Walker because of the women’s history stories/research I have done over the years, but this Netflix miniseriesreally brings her to life. And, do take a moment to appreciate that the first self-made millionaire was an African-American woman born into poverty.  (Another great feminist series to check out — Mrs. America on Hulu. We’re only two episodes in, but it is fabulous).

Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black ...

Root of Evil podcast. When you tire of the Washington, D.C. shit show, tune into this story,centering around the Hodel Family whose patriarch is said to have been the Black Dahlia killer, which while make your jaw drop more than a few times. The world is a sick and twisted place, man…

Erie apparel

Erie Apparel. I love their shirts (so soft) and the designs. And, these are tough times for retail stores. They are struggling. And, you know, the only way WE can indulge in some retail therapy is online and Erie Apparel makes it easy with free shipping and flash sales. Follow them on Facebook and you’ll be alerted to sales. Last Thursday evening, I bought shirts for the whole family at 20% off….they arrived with a handwritten thank you note on Saturday. They’ve got lots of great stuff. I bought myself the Penn State shirt, but I also really want the “horse a piece” shirt.

Things I’m not loving

Ignorant, irresponsible protesters. I don’t even know what to say. I mean, here we all are…doing our part, making sacrifices (Dan’s on unemployment…our tenants aren’t paying rent…), wearing our ridiculous masks….and these selfish, entitled white folks are holding gatherings …with guns …in Perry Square in Erie and on the steps of the capitol city? Can you imagine what would happen if they were black? Word has it Georgia is “opening back up” this week with South Carolina and Florida, too. Ha…I say…go ahead, we can use a lot fewer of those voters come November. Have at it, dumbasses. #darwin #naturalselection

A closed Presque Isle. Just when you thought things couldn’t get crappier (is it EVER going to stop snowing?), they close our Crown Jewel. Sigh.

Masks. I just hate everything about being forced to cover my mouth. Seriously. But…at least I have this…or will, when it arrives from Etsy this week:

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