Things I’m loving this week

things -king book

Stephen King. I’ve been meaning to read King’s “On Writing” book forever and I’m glad I finally have time to do so. Related: Lauren is now reading “The Shining” and I’m slightly jealous — remember how fun it is to read a really great book for the first time?

thing - hunt

Three-legged Easter Egg Hunt. We don’t normally do egg hunts for the girls because A.) my mom and inlaws always did them, B.) we usually spend Easter running from church to my inlaws to my mom’s, C.) I don’t love them having all that candy. But…this year, with the inability to shop for Easter basket items and the prospect of having to do so at Dollar General, we decided to just have our own little egg hunt. We tied them together for our own amusement. It was fun…totally worth the $20 in eggs and candy.


This USB speaker. I’ve been trying to do some home workouts that are posted by the Y and Steve Krauza, who leads Team Adrenaline, but….hearing the instructor was a challenge. This $10 USB speaker solved the problem. I also bought this great little cell phone stand for $5, it’s been more useful than I could have imagined.

things -puzzles

A completed puzzle. I’m so glad this puzzle is put together so we can have our kitchen table back and sit down around one table to eat all those family dinners we’ve actually been cooking.

Things I’m not loving this week

Back issues. Ugh. My home office is fine for a few hours of freelancing on weekends, but it is not set up for 8 hours a day as my back is constantly reminding me these days. I’ve resorted to moving around the house all day — kitchen counter, couch, office, etc.. I may have to go back to the office and get my standup desk.

April snow. This is getting really, really, really old. I mean how can we make this stay-at-home business more miserable? Just add snow.