I will bet that you, like most of the U.S. (or at least Pennsylvanians), have some time to kill now that we’re all locked indoors with nowhere to go. Many are using this free time to tackle little things around the house we’d been meaning to do — deep cleaning rooms, washing curtains, etc.

One of the tasks that’s been on my “to do someday” list was to organize the stack (and I mean stack) of recipes that we kept in a drawer that we would have to rifle through every time we were looking for a recipe.

I didn’t want to recopy the recipes onto cards or into the computer. It would’ve taken forever and I’d have lost the personal notes on them. Also, frankly, when I’m looking for a recipe, I often know what kind of paper it is on — a green index card or a printout with the recipe in the top right hand side, etc. What I needed was a binder. Maybe something with pockets that I could just slip my recipes into.

I went online to look around, but all the photo albums were for 4×6 pictures and the recipe binders either had recipe cards, or they were just too expensive.

I finally decided what I really needed was a bunch of plastic sleeves — full sheet and half sheets — some dividers, and a three-ring binder.  I spent less than $20.

It only took me one three-hour movie night to complete this project. I started by sorting my pile-o-recipes into categories. Then, I weeded through them to see which ones I actually wanted to keep. From there, I slipped them into sleeves, added dividers between categories and voila!

P.S. If you do this, leave some empty sleeves in the back so you can just move it forward as you add new recipes to your book.

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