Things I’m loving this week

bike - ready to ride

Bikes that’s ready to roll. I’m thankful for a big brother who is an avid cyclist and is always willing to do minor bike repairs/maintenance to keep me on the road. He took my bike this weekend and got it all ready to ride with new handlebar tap, an oiled chain, and more. Now I just need about 20 more degrees. I do not have the gear to ride in cold weather!

friday nights online

“Friday Nights” via Zoom. Since the dawn of time…or at least since the grown kids have left the Cass nest on Prindle Road, they have returned on Friday nights for weekly get togethers. It’s like Sunday dinner, but with beer and chicken wings and bonfires and swimming for the kids (in summer). With COVID-19 keeping everyone at home these days, we are now doing Friday Nights virtually via Zoom. It’s not the same, but it’s better than nothing and all the out-of-town family can join in, too, so that’s nice.

kids who cook

Kids that cook. I’m not sure how this happened, but both of my kids are pretty decent cooks. They are now making dinner once a week. This week, Lauren made chicken cordon blue stromboli and Kelly made tacos.

Playing games….and time to play games. In a lot of ways this forced together time is a gift. I’m glad I bought those dominos before this whole thing went down — we’ve been having a lot of fun playing Mexican Train even if Lauren almost always wins. I don’t know how she does it.

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Lauren’s photo challenge. Just before we were all locked down Lauren bought a new DSLR camera with our help (50/50) and I’m glad we did because she’s had plenty of time to learn how to use it. I made up a daily photo challenge for her and she is required to send me her top three photos on the day’s theme and…OMG…I’m so glad I thought of having her do it.

Things I’m not loving this week


office space hogs

Office space hogs. It’s good he’s cute and I have a thing for giant cats.

not liking 1

A $600 fireplace that crumbled over winter. I bought this fireplace for our patio/pool area last year and we installed it in the fall. I liked it because we could hook it up to a gas line so I wouldn’t have to mess with propane tanks. I’d never really ordered from Wayfair before, but I figured it must be high quality at that price, right? I was disappointed as soon as it arrived as it was MUCH smaller than I expected and the fire didn’t even extend to the end of it on both sides. But…I was downright livid when I uncovered it this week to find it had basically crumbled over winter. This sucks. And, there’s nothing we can do but go buy a replacement. Fortunately, these type of outdoor fire tables/pits can now be found at every hardware store.


My home office setup. I love having a home office but the setup is not ideal for 8 hour days. I miss my perfect sized desk, chair, keyboard, big screen…and my stand-up desk. My home office is far from ergonomic and it’s becoming super apparent.