I am not an introvert. Turns out, I actually do like to be around people. I miss my friends. I miss my cowokers. I miss sharing space with random strangers on campus. I get excited when I see other people on a walk/run and can wave at them.

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Cats are the laziest animals on earth. I mean, the do literally nothing all day long. They sleep for the entire day…and get up only to eat. What a life.

An entire family home all day makes a lot of dishes. We should’ve stocked up on dishwasher pods. Soon, the girls will be introduced to good old-fashioned dishwashing by hand!

You don’t spend much money if you can’t go anywhere. No money wasted on random dinners out, new clothes, liquor/beer, quick stops at stores where browsing always leads to buying. Which is good because Dan’s income was just cut in half when he had to go on unemployment.

The laundry is never done if you do it all week. We used to do all the laundry on the weekends, but now it’s easy to throw in a load here or there, but the problem with that is that it feels like you are never done doing laundry. It’s just a constant.

I am more productive with routines. Given a lot of free time I tend to squander it trying to think of how best to spend it, or I walk or run. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I’m averaging 10 miles a day. My feet/legs are already staging a revolt.

Turns out there are some jobs I just don’t want to do.  After years of thinking that I would tackle certain big jobs (deep cleaning, painting, cleaning out the playroom, etc.) if only I had the time to do it, I learned I’ve been lying to myself all along. No matter how much time you give me, I’m probably not ever going to clean out the playroom until we move.)

Turns out there are some jobs I will do just so I can watch trashy TV. I have The Tiger King to thank for a completely organized and clean pantry and spice drawer. I could not stop watching on Saturday and, so I continued looking for jobs I could do while also watching my tablet.


High speed internet service is a public utility. How is it even remotely fair that some schools who have the resources can continue to offer online learning, while other schools/children are left behind because they don’t have access to the same resources? For example, in our case, we live in a largely rural district in which many households don’t even have access to broadband or hi speed internet. People would pay for it and/or the district would find a way to help those who needed it, but it’s not even available.