Things I’m loving this week

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Teens who like to cook/bake.  Lauren likes to try new stuff and is a pretty good cook. Last week, she made us this garlic shrimp and chicken with angel hair pasta and Kelly made dessert, a mint chocolate bundt cake.  With all this time off, they have even more time on their hands to work on their culinary and baking skills.

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Signs of spring. My primrose are about to bloom and this makes me very happy.

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Creative kids. There was a minor sister squabble about Kelly resting her water bottle on Lauren’s swim team photo book and Kelly told Lauren that she should make some coaster then. So, she did. And, OMG..did they turn out cute, or what? She used extra ceramic tiles we had in the basement and printed out photos of our pets. I added some felt buttons to the bottom of them and voila! I love them.

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Nature and walks/runs outside. In these weeks of “social isolation,” I’m thankful for nature and woods and that we can all go outside. I’d go nuts if I couldn’t get some fresh air. I’m racking up a lot of miles lately since I can’t go to the gym or group workouts or swim. And, I’m VERY thankful that I’m healthy right now and not battling any injuries that would prevent me from walking/running. *knock on wood*

Things I am just not sure about yet

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Working from home. There are a lot of perks. There are also some downsides. In the end, I’m thankful I have the option and ability to do so. It is what it is right now.

Things I’m not loving this week

The T.P. shortage. Seriously, people. WTF? I didn’t stock up and now that we are actually in need of it….it is nowhere to be found.

Essential and non-essential. I think some people are making the mistake of thinking if you are “non-essential staff” your work is unimportant and you can just go home till they tell you to come back. Let’s be clear….the vast majority of us are still working from our homes.

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Running alone. Right before the COVID-19 thing happened, my morning running partner told me her husband’s schedule changed and she wouldn’t be able to run in the a.m. anymore. It wasn’t unexpected, but still a bummer. I ran alone for years….I’ll get used to it again…maybe I’ll even learn to love the flexibility of running/working out when I want to, but…I will miss talks with my morning buddy with whom I run must faster than I will ever run alone.