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Quartz: You’re Never Going to Have a Legacy, So Give up Trying (harsh truth. I have to say I never understand the human need for legacy, for something to “live on” in people’s memories when they are gone. It’s just something I don’t get, I guess. I’m good with irrelevance.)

The Atlantic: Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids

“The real test of parenting is not what your children achieve, but who they become and how they treat others. If you teach them to be kind, you’re not only setting your kids up for success. You’re setting up the kids around them, too.”

The Guardian: I could never understand my grandmother’s sadness – until I learned her tragic story (Stick with it…when she gets to the gist of her grandmother’s sadness, it’s worth it. Wow…so insightful and complicated and human.)

Pocket: The Weird Strategy Dr. Seuss Used to Create His Greatest Work