Things I’m loving this week

lace collars

Basement finds. Yes, I actually DID work on getting our basement family room/storage area cleaned out this weekend and have already hauled out at least a truckload of stuff to donate, trash, recycle, etc. THAT feels awesome in and of itself, but when I was organizing our fabric remnant bin, I stumbled upon these crocheted collars, which I suspect were made by Dan’s grandmother. And now I know what my friends and I are dressing as for Halloween this year. All I need is a black robe, a gavel and some big 80s-era glasses.


Sunny winter days. As long as the streets are clear, I actually like winter for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it’s just so beautiful, especially when there is sunshine and blue skies.


The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake by David Brooks. It feels weird to like a story that is ultimately negative (kinda-sorta), but it is total validation of my assertion that we went wrong when we stopped living in big, multi-generational family groups with (or near) each other. We’re meant to take care of one another, especially those in our “family” group, whatever that means to you.  I mean, if we don’t….why else are we here? What is the point of this life? To live fairly isolated lives, working 8-hour days to buy and collect shit to try and fill that hole in our soul left by the absence of true, complicated, unconditional love?

Things I’m not loving this week

Tim Horton’s “rewards” program.  Maybe six months ago, Tim Horton’s started a rewards program that offered a free coffee after you purchase seven. We’ve established that I have a Timmy Ho coffee addiction, so this was awesome for me and I keep that little card right on my dashboard. Only this week, when they handed my card back, they gave me a flyer informing me that the cards would soon be obsolete and, instead, rewards would have to be earned using their smartphone app. *sigh* I do not have room on my phone to install this app, no matter how much I want to get a free cup of coffee every seven visits. And, besides, I’m not a fool — Smartphone apps give them all kinds of information about me and that’s just creepy. That’s a no. I’ll just pay for my coffee and f*** your rewards.

This asshole. Yeah, I’m not even being civil about him anymore. Seriously, how long are we going to let this go on? Now he’s declared himself the “chief law enforcement officer” of the country.….like the dictators in third-world countries?  That’s not how it works here, you asshat. Why are there not public protests in the streets yet? This guy is now an empowered monster who is now completely out of control.

A purple toe. Here’s something you should try to avoid: dropping a 25# weight plate on your toe. Trust me: I learned this the hard way in the weight room at the Y on Sunday.