Things I’m loving this week


Colorado. I could totally live in Colorado. They seem to be my people….tree-hugging, active, outdoorsy, radical environmentalist, and dog lovers. I mean, I’d have to overlook the gun-loving thing, too, but I already that here in heavily-armed Pa., so….


Earplugs. A couple of years ago, I went on a service trip to Texas and learned I’d be sleeping in a big room with 20+ girls. Dan gave me a pair of foam earplugs to wear at night and they were, literally, the greatest thing I took on that trip. Now, whenever I have to share a room with anyone else (except the husband), I toss a pair in my overnight bag. I’m a light sleeper and these give me blessed peace. (P.S. you can order smaller ones made just for women that don’t hurt as much as the big ol’ man ones).

hot springs

Hot springs resorts. If you ever, ever get the opportunity to go to a hot springs resort out west, do it! We went to Iron Mountain Hot Springs Resort — about an hour away from Vail — and tested out their 16 geothermal pools. It was awesome to sit in a hot pool, looking at snow covered mountains while flurries gently fall around you and to cool off walking between pools. Word to the wise: some of these are clothing optional, so choose wisely.

l - organized

Lauren getting organized. I used the planner above to help Lauren break down a big project for AP Psych — we plotted it out day-by-day spread out over a couple weeks (How do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time!). And, I noticed yesterday that she’s still doing it to write down her assignments/homework. I know some kids have been doing this since they got their first “agenda book” in 4th grade, but….Lauren’s never caught onto the concept. I think now, though, she sees the value in being more organized about the work she has to get done. *fingers crossed*

Things I’m not loving this week

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Mnemonic Thirty days has September, has April, June and November. Unless a leap year is its fate, February has has twenty-eight. All the rest have three days more, excepting January, which has six thousand, one hundred and eighty-four Brian Bilston'

The length of January. How is this month not over yet? Seriously…it feels like January 76th today.

The Senate. Honestly, I can’t even look at Washington Post or any news about the shitshow going down in D.C. this week. When nobody cares that the president of the United States broke the law (several, in fact)….we’re screwed. Our government is irreparably broken. I don’t even know what to say anymore….

This bullshit, right here. This keeps me awake at night. This is damage that can never been undone by a president and GOP insistent on giving corporations all the room they need to destroy our environment and pollute our freshwater sources. WTF? Profits over people. What does he care…he’ll be dead and in the ground while the rest of us have to spend another thirty years fixing everything again.