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Scientific American: The Forgotten Life of Einstein’s First Wife

Scary Mommy:I Never Knew How Much My Kids’ Struggles Would Break My Heart(A thousand times yes):

“When your kid hurts, you hurt. It’s not a secondary pain, or some sort of dulled-down residual sympathy; it’s as sharp as though it were happening to you and you alone.

But not only do you feel the sting of each rejection, the disappointment of each loss, the agony of each struggle — you feel the accompanying guilt of your reaction to it. Did I do enough? Did I say the right thing? Have I raised my child to be resilient enough to get through this? And, of course, the burden of helplessness that comes along with knowing you can’t shoulder their pain. Their battles may be theirs to fight, but you’re still left bleeding on the battlefield.”

OMG: It’s Disappointing Women Are ‘Choosing Losers’ Instead Of ‘Providers’ According To This ‘Nice’ Guy. Hilarious Commenting Ensues  (This is a fun one — enjoy!!!)

AEON: Anger Is Temporary Madness: The Stoics Knew How to Curb It (Some useful advice here if you, like me, are walking around pissed off 75% of the time).