Things I’m loving this week


Kelly’s bound for regionals. Kelly and three other classmates participated in district chorus this weekend and she’s moving on to regionals at the end of February. Thankfully, it’s right down the road from us in Corry. Yay! BTW …not only was Kelly selected to move on, but was called out by the director and complimented for her attention, attitude, and enthusiasm. That’s the real win!


Crazy Beautiful by Andy Grammer. A friend turned me onto Spotify’s “Daily Drive” and I love the mix of news and music — some familiar favorites & some new stuff Spotify thinks you might like, like “Crazy Beautiful.” Three guesses who this song reminds me of. 😉

“She’s got a classic style that is all her own, a smile you can hear through the telephone….”


Running friends. We are blessed with a big family of running friends who enrich our lives in so many ways — like throwing surprise 50th B-day parties. I’m the baby of this group, but it should be noted that nearly every woman here can run faster and farther than I can.

winter clear paths

Blue skies, white snow and clear paths/roads. I don’t mind the cold. I don’t mind the snow.  But, I hate slipping and sliding when walking/driving, so clear paths/streets on bright and snowy winter days are my favorite winter days of all.


Tulips in January. Dan’s attempt to make me happy. It worked. I like spring flowers in the dead of winter.

Things I’m not loving this week

Prescription price variations. Our friend sold his pharmacy (to a chain I don’t want to use), so we’re looking around for a new pharmacy and it’s amazing to me how widely prescription prices vary.  Lauren’s meds (same med, same dosage, same quantity): Hometown & Medicap (locally-owned small pharmacies) — about $200 (yes, for one month). CVS and Wegmans – $290. LECOM Pharmacy – $430. I never cared about prices until I went on a high-deductible plan in which I pay for everything until I reach a certain dollar amount. You’d think insurance companies would care a little more.

Trump and his shitty fat-boy diet. What is wrong with this flabby, repulsive excuse for a man? Now he wants to encourage our kids eat more garbage. Step off, buddy. You want to feed your kids loads of crap, go right ahead, but you are pissing off  the moms in this country who are trying to limit the processed shit served up to their kids. Why is everything in this country two steps forward, one step back?