Things I’m loving this week

wrap dress

Stitchfix. Here’s the cool thing about Stitchfix, they send you stuff you would never, ever pick up in the store and you think you’ll hate it and then you put it on and you’re like…wow…I’d have NEVER thought this would look good on me. Case in point — this wrap dress. When I opened the box, I thought: yeah, no way. Then I tried it on and thought: huh, who knew? Apparently my Stitchfix stylist. P.S. You don’t have to get fixes monthly, I get mine quarterly. (Want to try Stitchfix, use this code & we both get $25: a and, no, they are not paying me or sponsoring this post… know I hate that kind of sell-out shit).

swim team resting

Sports writing. I’ve been submitting swim stories to the community paper in North East and who knew sports writing could be kinda fun. I wouldn’t want to do it full time or anything because it’s sports reporting is sort of formulaic, but it’s a refreshing reality break from feature writing.

morning run

This “winter” weather. If this weather — no snow, cold, but not bitter — could be our entire winter, I’d be elated. This is perfect running weather. I don’t even care that I have four sets of skis and snowshoes rotting in the basement.

Things I’m not loving


Noon swimming. It’s nice to get it done at lunchtime in the college pool during open swim because good luck getting a lane at the YMCA once swim lessons are in session, but…it sucks to be a girl and have to do my hair and makeup five hours after I just did it.  Guys get it so easy…they just get out, towel off and get dressed.

The dumpster fire in the W.H. I don’t even know what to say anymore…. This. is. just. so. exhausting. Somebody make it end….

The Erie Art Museum debacle. How do we keep giving incompetent men with sexual assault tendencies high paying jobs with lots of power and authority? Oh….right...seems to be a thing now. And you wonder why every woman over 35 is ready to burn the whole House down and the Senate, too.