Things I’m loving this week


Button trees. Friends and I got together recently to make button paintings. Aren’t they fun? You can buy bulk buttons online for about $10 (or at a craft store for slightly more) and pick up canvases at Family Dollar for $3, then you just need some acrylic paint, brushes and glue (I used tacky glue). There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest and you can make your trees as elaborate or as simple as you want.

Weight training with the girls. I like having a buddy when I walk into that testosterone-filled weight room. I like even more that Lauren knows her way around a weight room and that there’s never a dull or quiet moment with her (see above).

OC 50K finishers certificate

OC50K Finisher’s Certificate. One of the participants in this annual ultramarathon, Scott McCray, is a calligrapher who creates & mails finisher certificates to every person who crosses the line in the 100 mile, 100K & 50K. What a sweet surprise and a reminder that even if it didn’t go as planned, I got it done. I finished it.  Can’t take that “ultramarathoner” badge away from me…ever.

kelly at psu

Decision made. College offer has been accepted and I’ve already forked over $330 because, yes, she is living on campus…four miles from our house. Don’t bother telling me what a waste of money that is unless you went to college directly after high school and lived on campus. If you didn’t, then you don’t know. You don’t know that it is part of the college experience and, in my humble opinion, at least as much of a learning experience as the classes she will attend. So spare me. (Also….she’ll pay almost nothing for tuition thanks to my discount & the TAP account we started when she was a baby). Do I sound defensive? I am. Trust me, don’t go there with me.

Things I’m not loving

A coward talking tough with other peoples’ lives. It’s so easy for Captain Bone Spurs to play war with other peoples’ lives and our tax dollars. Yes, I support our troops — that’s why I’m mad as hell when they get dragged into danger by a coward who let other people die in Vietnam because he had sore feet. *rolls eyes*

seaweed snacks

Seaweed snacks. If you see these on the shelf at Aldis and are tempted to try them because they are just a $1 and they might taste like kale, let me just tell you that you can save yourself a buck and get a flavor for these if you just find the nearest fish tank and lick the inside of the tank — that’s what these “snacks” taste like.