Things I’m loving this week

joy razor

Joy razor. Most of the women’s razors have these gigantic “heads” with a bunch of blades, but when you have muscular, thin (is that an oxymoron) legs, these big old razors will not reach into the crevices around the ankles and knees because they are too wide/bulky. But, this week, I bought a Joy razor, which has a much thinner head and does a much better job of working around bones and knobs.

foul socks

Foul socks. Ya’ll…my mom got me these socks because when thinks of a foul-mouthed reader, she thinks of me. She gets me.

xmas morning

Xmas morning. It won’t be long before they don’t spend their Xmas mornings with us…so I’ll cherish these years while I have them.  And, yes, she was pretty excited about the record player and has been listening to all our old vinyl (yes, we kept our old records…including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Motley Crue’s “Shout at the Devil,” Cyndie Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual,” and the Bee Gee’s “Greatest.”)

ice skating

An unproductive holiday vacation. Every year, the university I work for closes between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Depending on where the holidays fall that means we get a week to almost two weeks off without burning more than a day or two of vacation. What I love most about this vacation is that it is largely completely unproductive. I always THINK I’ll find time to, say, clean out the playroom or organize the filing cabinet, but I almost never do. What do I do? I sleep in. I go to the gym and mess around with my friends for hours. I take the girls to the movies…or the mall…or ice skating.  It’s largely “wasted” time and it is the most wonderful time of the year for me.

Things I’m not loving this week

oliver and me

Returning to work. I like my job…I just wish I could do it in 5 hours a day so I can have more time to sleep, read & workout.  (My god, how different I feel getting 8 hours of sleep a day!)