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Becoming Minimalist: The Single Principle You Need to Clean Out the Mind Clutter for Good

The Atlantic: Why Women (Sometimes) Don’t Help Other Women (Gender discrimination made me want to champion for ALL women, like, c’mon sisters….let’s link arms and fight these bastards together. 

“So what prevents Queen Bee behaviors? Identifying highly as a woman. Women who have experienced gender discrimination but who more strongly identified with their gender don’t react to such bias by trying to distance themselves from other women. Instead, a study found that policewomen who highly identified as women responded to gender discrimination with an increased desire to create more opportunities for other women. “

Scary Mommy: Why Losing Weight Will Never Again be my New Year’s Resolution

“No matter what you have been conditioned to believe and no matter how much money has been poured into the efforts to keep believing it, there is virtually no reason you need to pressure yourself to put dieting at the top of your New Year’s resolution list.”