Things I’m loving this week


This girl. She has been killing it in the pool this year, taking time off every event she swims, but more importantly she continues to be a kind and positive person in the pool and out — enthusiastically and loudly cheering for teammates and competitors alike. I’m proud of who she is.


$22 Xmas tree. Dan went to a nearby tree lot and all the 9-foot trees were $50 to $70. He declined (knowing I’d lose my mind) and drove out to Giffords in Wattsburg where we got a perfect and huge tree for $22 cash.


Flannel candle from Bath & Body Works. My family likes the scent of this candle so much that someone lights it almost every evening. This one might not even make it to the new year.


Aerie undies. Too personal? Don’t care. Look, I don’t know if I ever bought underwear that didn’t come in a package until Lauren started buy aerie “cheeky” underwear and I was like…huh, those are kinda nice. Next thing you know, I’m shelling out $30 for underwear.  I know, right?

Things I’m not loving

Living south of I-90 in winter. This Saturday, the girls had a meeting at the library on the bayfront. I drove them because it was storming at our house and the road were pretty awful — full of inches of soft, slushy snow. Eight miles north…it was only raining.  So weird, but not surprising.  #LakeErielife