Things I’m loving this week

The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah. Holy crap,this book! It’s pretty big — 550 pages —  and I’m going to end up finishing it in less than a week because I cannot stop reading it.  The subject matter, the setting (fascinating!) and the character development….all on-point. Wow. This is the best book I’ve read this year—hands down.

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”  Take your tissues if you go to see this movie. And, you should go see it because it is freaking awesome. I mean….Tom Hanks is fabulous as Mr. Rogers, but I also found myself positively mesmerized by the performance of Matthew Rhys who plays the movie’s protagonist, writer Lloyd Vogel (BTW…the movie is more about Lloyd and his relationship with Mr. Rogers than it is a bio of Mr. R). Rhys’ subtle facial expressions spoke volumes in that movie. He deserves and Oscar.

T trot

The ERC Turkey Trot. It’s the first official race I ever did. Back then it was ONLY a 10K….my god, that was like two decades ago. Since then, it’s a family tradition. We do it every year. This year, Lauren sat it out because of her wisdom teeth. It’s a well-organized & well-executed event. Yes, there are a lot of people in the 5K, but this is a “fun run” and if you go there planning to PR and get frustrated weaving around walkers and dogs and jogging strollers, well…that’s on you, man. Chill. It’s the off season.  Dan & I ran just fast enough to secure a top-three A.G. spot, which means — wine prizes. Woot!

t trot wine

Things I’m not loving this week

meh….it a season of thanksgiving….let’s just focus on the positive, eh? Not good enough…ok…my top three: Snow, Trump, mean people on social media. There.