Things I’m loving this week

1. Dollface. This Hulu series staring Kat Dennings (from “Two Broke Girls”) is all about girlfriends and you know they make my world go ’round. The show a little funky/quirky, but it’s funny…and I’m really enjoying it.


2. Swim muscles. I’ve been making an effort to swim a mile two to three times a week for the past month mostly because I need to stay off my plantar-fascittis-plagued feet and the other day I was lifting weights (again….an effort to stay off my feet but maintain fitness) when I looked in the mirror and….you guys….there were actual muscles in my biceps and definition in my shoulders. #inspired

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3. Spotify. I know I’m late to this game, but I was pondering upgrading to the paid version of Pandora and friends were like…no, Spotify is the way to go. I ended up doing a three month trial of the premium family version (you can share your account with 6 family members in your house for $14.99 a month) and I love it for about a thousand reasons, but chief among them is how easy it is to make playlists…or find cool playlists or listen to entire albums.

Things I’m not loving this week

1. Adults behaving like children. Most of the drama in my life this week (and the past few weeks) had been adults behaving like children on social media, which then throws a match on the whole damn dumpster fire. I’m over it. Really. I want nothing to do with all of your bullshit, people. I’m too old for any of it. Do whatever you want and don’t talk to me about it.

2. Ditto for D.C.  Dumpster. Fire. I’m out. Let someone else deal/worry/stress with all of this. I’ve reached complete civic fatigue.

3. The lack of empathy in this country. When you attack another person, do you ever consider that they have a family? A spouse who loves them? Kids who adore them? A career they’ve spent their entire life building? A mother and father who are proud of them?  We would all do well to remember we’re all just humans doing the best we can with what we have to work with.