Things I’m loving this week


“Lady in the Lake” by Laura Lippman. I’m not done with this book yet and I think I see where it’s going, but I’m hoping I’ll be surprised. Regardless, it’s been a great read with an interesting storytelling format with the book told from the perspective of almost everyone involved, but …in a way that you can keep straight and that totally makes sense. As a writer, I pay attention to create formats & storytelling and this is one that really works (they don’t always).


Swimming laps. It’s hard to find lap time at the Eastside Y (Mon., Wed & Fri., if I get there at 4:30…I stand a chance) and it is really, really hard to get close to naked and jump into a cold pool in winter, but…my god, once I do, I really love just zoning out for 45+ minutes. You can’t really hear or see anything (other than the black line) and it’s just peaceful and meditative. I’m slow…slow…slow….but I don’t really care.


A new voter. She turned 18 in July and just voted in her first election. I have hope and trust in this generation to right the ship. Welcome to the polls, GenZ — we’ve been waiting for you (well, we raised you so….)


An Empty Gym. I love walking into the basement at the Y to find that I have the ENTIRE HIIT space to myself so I can listen to my music and interval timer without earbuds and, of course, sing out loud.

Things I’m not loving this week

Snow in the forecast. It’s bound to happen, but…I’m still not ready and I’m still in denial.

The impending holiday season. I wish I could find a way to like Christmas again, but I just don’t. It costs a lot of money and it’s a lot of hassle to “celebrate” a religious holiday that holds no meaning for me anymore. I can get slightly behind Thanksgiving, but even that is just an exercise in gluttony. ‘merica. God, how I wish I could just opt out of all of it.