Things I’m loving

The San Diego Zoo’s Penguin Beach Videos. You guys, you should go watch these right now. Who knew….who knew that penguins had as complicated a social structure as your average high school? Also, the videos are just SO. WELL. DONE. They are FUNNY and dramatic…and the Keeper’s faces…OMG, it’s priceless. It’s better than any of those ridiculous bachelor/bachelorete shows.



Peak color. We’ve reached—and maybe passed—peak leaf color and I can honestly say I truly enjoy it on my lunch walk every day.  I’ll miss the leaves when they finally all let go.

care bears

Our costumes. We were Care Bears for this year’s SafeNet Boo Run at Presque Isle on Sunday. We made them ourselves with hoodies, felt and a glue gun. I think they turned out pretty cute.


Roasted pumpkin seeds. One of the best things about Halloween. I don’t even get fancy…I just like them crispy with lots of salt.

Things I’m not loving

woolly bear

This winter sign. What is that old adage….the longer the black on a orange-and-black woolly bear, the longer the winter. We. Are. Screwed.