Things I’m loving this week

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Freelance windfall. I don’t love spending my weekends writing, but I sure love it when that money lands in my bank account.  I think mamma need some new boots or something….

burnet road

Leaf runs on Bernet Road. Though it wasn’t exactly peak color last week, it’s never a bad time of year to run the most beautiful road in Harborcreek township.

day dates

Day dates. Dan & I had a free day Sunday so we headed up to Salamanca, N.Y. to explore the trails in the Quaker Area of the Allegheny Forest. We did the Black Snake Mountain & Three Sisters trails & like them both (though I preferred the former to the latter.). After, we stopped by Southern Tier for dinner and a couple of cold beers in the warm sunshine.

Things I’m not loving this week


Kids who do not put away their laundry. There must be six or more baskets upstairs somewhere. No baskets = no clean laundry. I’m officially on strike. The girls are on their own now.

E-book dilemmas.  I hate when a new E-book that I put on hold becomes available from the library while I’m still reading another library E-book that expired weeks ago, which means if I turn on the wifi to get the new book, I’ll lose the old book.  Tough decisions then need to be made.


A bathroom cabinet that is cracking up. Not sure what happened to this cabinet in our master bathroom but every day more and deeper cracks appear and it sags lower. It seems to be falling apart a little bit more every day.  And, man, I feel this cabinet on a deep level.