Things I’m loving this week

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This is Us. I’m so glad this show is back on TV, even if I can rarely stay awake till 9 p.m. to watch it on Tuesdays (Sad, I know). I usually end up watching it online the next day and I love it because the twists & turns just keep coming and aren’t so outlandish that you roll your eyes. I love how the writers can weave the different decades together and dammit…I believe in councilman Randall.

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Sal Val. I never used to go to the Salvation Army store unless I was looking for Halloween costumes, but….recently, I’ve been trolling thrift stores looking for work clothes for Kelly because I found it hard to find black cotton work pants and solid-color polo shirts locally at a decent price. Anyway….last Wednesday, I stopped by the Peach St. store to get her some more pants and the place was packed. Turns out you get half off all purchases on Wednesdays. I paid $9 for three pairs of work pants.

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Toothpaste as a CD fix. So, I’m a Luddite who still buys actual music CDs and my Lizzo: Cuz I Love You CD, which the girls and I love, started skipping in the middle of Truth Hurts and, I mean, that’s one of the best songs on the CD, so….. I googled how to fix a scratch on the CD and they suggested putting toothpaste (non gel) onto the disc, letting it dry, then rinsing and drying the disc. I was skeptical, but figured I didn’t have much to lose. It actually worked! And, now we can rock out to this most awesome song again.

Other Lizzo favs: Juice, Good as Hell, and Soulmate.

p.s. I’m just going to stop with the positive stuff this week.