Things I’m loving this week

old pix

Old photo albums. My sister turned 60 this weekend, so I had to post a bunch of old photos, which reminded me how much I love looking through photo albums. I have got to find time to get the printed photos we do have of the girls in albums…and prints made of the digital photos from the past…..oh, 8 years, that I have never even had printed. (That’s me in the red dress up there.)


Driveway art. I love coming home to a driveway full of artwork. I’ll definitely miss this one day.

beach on Oct. 1

Beach days on Oct. 1. I’m sort of sick of the humidity, but I don’t hate hanging out on the beach on October 1.

Things I’m not loving

twisted ankle

Twisted ankle…part deux. In a repeat of the Easter morning run in which I couldn’t resist a short solo trail run at Behrend (because it was sooooo nice out) and ended up twisting my ankle, I did THE SAME EXACT THING this past Sunday. I even fell in nearly the same place. So…with the OC50K just two weeks away, I’m now done running trail until the big day.

crane game

Shopping with the husband. When Dan goes shopping with me, suddenly there are Reese Cups, name-brand chips, and three cans of paint in my grocery cart. It’s like shopping with a 12-year-old who keeps sneaking things into the basket.