Things I’m loving this week


My legs. Look, there are a lot of things I would like to change about my body, but…my god, these legs. Look at the muscle in these puppies? This was taken while resting after a 15-mile trail run in which I felt fatigued but not nearly as sore as I had in the past, which suggests that my body adapted to the tougher terrain and….I have to tell you that I have mad respect for that. Now…if my arms would just get on board….

york photo

York Photo customer service. Every year, I order my awards for the Her Times 5K (join us! Sign up here, ladies!) from (Presque Isle themed photos that I place in a frame). This year, the First Overall award came with a big scratch on the lower right-hand corner because the mailcarrier stuffed it into my mailbox even though it literally said “do not bend” all over the outside of the envelope. ANYWHOO…I contacted YorkPhoto to see if they’d, at least, give me free shipping if I paid for a new photo. They requested a picture…which I sent, and then they promptly issued a reorder and had it mailed out to me. I appreciate good customer service like that. 🙂

september weather

September weather. If I could pick one month with the perfect weather, it would be September. Beautiful blue skies…puffy white clouds, the occasional thunderstorm…cool nights/mornings, warm and sunny days. I mean…what’s not to love? (Except losing more daylight every day).

My kids’ hair. We’ve been practicing homecoming hairdos and I am, once again, in awe of the goddess-like tresses my kids have because I sooooo do not. At least I get to have fun styling and curling and braiding their hair.

Things I’m not loving this week

broken shoe

Broken slides.  These are my favorite summer shoes. These Montego Bay black leather slides with a small heel go with everything from shorts to capris to summer sundresses. I was crushed when, walking into work the other morning, I felt my right foot going too far forward and noticed that the top had come apart. I’m taking them to a local shoe repair shop in hopes they can save them.

closing pool

Closing time. The day Dan finally covers the pool is one of the saddest days of the year because we know what this signals. Winter is coming…..