Three things I’m loving this week

teh four agreements

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  If you haven’t read this little book, you should. Order a real book—not an ebook—because you’re going to want to highlight it and refer back to it. This week, I got pretty fired up about what I initially perceived as a personal attack and then remembered Agreement No. 2: Take Nothing Personally, and realized that whatever this person’s problem is, it has absolutely nothing to do with me. I feel so free.

art history

Toast post: Women Having a Terrible Time at Parties in Western Art History. If you love classic art and cuss words and truth, you will absolutely love this blog post, which had me laughing out loud while I sat in my dentist’s waiting room. I keep reading it because it makes me laugh because it is SO SPOT ON (like reading a woman’s mind) and….we can all use a little more laughter in our lives today.  You just know some 19 year old wrote this while suffering through an art history course (though, I had art history and totally loved it).

4 for 44.jpg

4 for 44 Relay. Friends and I did the the 4 for 44 Relay in nearby Lakewood, N.Y. this weekend. It starts and finishes at Southern Tier Brewing (another thing I was loving this week) and consists of a 44-mile run around Lake Chautaqua that is split up among 4 runners who take 3-4 of the 12 or so legs (each consisting of 2.80ish to 6.3ish miles). It was an all-day thing but didn’t feel that way because we were always hopping out of the car to drop off/pickup a new runner or running a leg. The beer and party at the end was awesome, but…perfect weather helped. I’d do this race again…but I’ll never take the last two legs (up, up, up, up….)

kell teaser

Kelly’s senior pix teasers. The fabulous Matt Kleck of M.Kleck Photography always posts a few “teasers” from his photo shoots on FB and Kelly’s were posted this week & they are so great! Love, love, love them. Folks…this is why you hire a pro.  (I know…she looks like me in this one!)

Things I’m not loving this week

Paperback The Weird Sisters Book

Weird Sisters. This book is just weird…and boring…and cliche. I’ve made it halfway through, but will probably skim the rest so I can properly tear it apart at our book club meeting on Monday night.  I’m not the only one who hated this book. Glad I borrowed this one from the library.

No CD drives in PCs. So, I come to work with my new Lizzo CD because…I’m a Luddite who cannot figure out the whole digital download thing (I mean…using what…to where and then how do I listen to it everywhere? It’s all just too confusing and my GOD I am 48 years old now….) ANYWAY….I digress. I come to work with my new filthy-mouthed Lizzo CD and I’m like…this is going to be the best workday ever with Lizzo in my ears, but…no….no CD drives. I guess cause everyone listens to musical digitally, except Luddites.

Businesses that force me to use their apps. At Kohl’s on Monday, me to cashier: I was notified I have a $5 Yes Rewards thing or something…can you apply that? Cashier: I have to scan the barcode on the app on your phone. Me: I don’t have the app…it takes up too much memory. Can you just look it up? Cashier: No, it only works from the app. Me: *blinks* I HATE stores/businesses/organizations that force me to use a smartphone app to reap rewards or otherwise interact with them (See FedEx) because I do not have room on my phone for all of this shit.  I don’t have the memory…and what I do have, I prefer to fill up with selfies and photos of my lunch…not your stupid creeper smartphone applications. Keep your $5 Kohl and I’ll keep my 52MB of space.