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Narratively: How to Stay Sane as a Female Deckhand in Alaska (fascinating first-person)

The Week: The Coming Death of Just About Every Rock Legend

“Behold the killing fields that lie before us: Bob Dylan (78 years old); Paul McCartney (77); Paul Simon (77) and Art Garfunkel (77); Carole King (77); Brian Wilson (77); Mick Jagger (76) and Keith Richards (75); Joni Mitchell (75); Jimmy Page (75)……..”

New York Times: A Tomato Grows in the East River  (Nature makes me so happy.)

The Atlantic: A Narcotics Officer Ends His War on Drugs

““Twenty years ago, most people thought arrest and incarceration were the answer to this drug war,” he said. “I think most people were wrong—I think I was wrong.” Now Simmers says he’d rather see the roughly $47,000 a year it takes to jail drug offenders spent on jobs programs instead. He’d like to see 24-hour, on-demand treatment available to anyone who wants it—no waiting lists.”