Lauren and I are shopping at Kohl’s for homecoming shoes. We want fire engine red, preferably shiny, shoes with a heel, but not too high or too skinny of a heel.

I’ve learned that she doesn’t like anything that shows her toes because she thinks they are ugly. I start to protest and push the strappy sandals (on clearance!) on her and then think, wait….no visible toes mean no need for a $30 pedicure, so…fine.  Cool.

We can’t find any shoes that meet her criteria at Kohl’s, but we do find more than a few adorable outfits for the new baby in the family.  As we’re waiting in line to pay for them, we see a rack of Legos on clearance, including a Harry Potter set that features some giant spider thing with a bunch of eyes.

“OMG, that is so awesome,” she exclaims.

“Well, you have babysitting money. Buy it,” I say.

She didn’t bring her purse (classic, I snort), but it’s only $10, so I buy it for her. She promises to pay me back. I know she won’t.

We head down to Shoe Carnival where we finally find the perfect shiny red pumps for $20. (Yes!)

On the drive home, she’s holding both the shiny red heels and the Harry Potter Legos in her lap, straddling that line between being a grow-up and a kid, excited about both a fancy dance and building Legos in the basement. She’ll probably do both with the same boy who will also be excited about the Legos (less so about the fancy dance, but…hey, there are things you just have to do for your girlfriend, right?)

It’s a weird stage of life, but I like it. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. She’s half adultish, half kidish. If she’s lucky, maybe she’ll never outgrow it and live in this sweet spot where she can love both red high heels and a boy wizard.


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