Three things I’m loving this week


Leinenhugel’s Berry Weiss. I’m not a big beer drinker, but my husband is and he insists beer should not have fruit in it. I’m glad I ignored him (such a rebel) and bought a six pack of this Leinenhugel’s Berry Weiss because it is sweet. I love it. It’s not toooo sweet/fruity, but not to hoppy/beer-y. (Somewhere my husband is cringing reading that). I have no idea how to pronounce the brewer’s name though….

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CelebrateErie. We made an impulsive decision to check out CelebrateErie late in the afternoon on Sunday. We’re not food truck/booth people, so we ate at the Plymouth, then walked down a few blocks to see the Chalk Walk. Cool music on five different stages (OMG….Mulligan was hysterical!) kept us moving further down State until we got to the Scotty McCreary headliner concert. We’re not that into country music or crowds and I’ve never seen American Idol (is that what he was on?), anyway….we stayed for one song, got bored & went back to Perry Square where Erie group,  The Groove, were rocking the park. People of all ages and skin tones were dancing and singing together…having a great time and it was pretty awesome. I couldn’t help thinking that THIS is the America I want to live in and I thought about how I felt much safer and happier in that multicultural melting pot than I did a block south.


Kids with a car. I didn’t want to take $3K out of our savings account for a third car, but you can’t buy a decent used car for less these days and 3.5 drivers (Lauren just has a permit), 4 jobs, and 2 cars was adding up to a lot of running around and begging for rides from friends/family. It’s only been a week or so, and it’s already totally worth it.


Wintergreen Gorge Trail improvements. The Wintergreen Gorge trail at Penn State Behrend is undergoing some improvements. There are several phases and it will take years and years to do it all (and find the funding!), but….Phase one has started and is already impressive. They are providing off-road parking at Cooper road and there’s a really sweet new path from that parking lot that meanders along Fourmile creek. You cannot access it from Cooper Road (yet), but you can park on campus (back corner of the Science building lot) and get on the trails from there.

Things I’m not loving this week

This past weekend’s stupid weather. WHAT was the deal with the schizophrenic weather last weekend?  Rain, thunder, lightening….sun, heat, oppressive humidity…..then, 15 minutes later: dark clouds, rain, thunder, lightening. Then, SUN and humidity and…  You get the picture. I gave up trying to workout at all on Saturday after trying to go for a bike ride and getting turned around by storms three times.

The Amazon rainforest is burning. Guys, this is not normal…and it’s horrifying…..and nobody knows about it because all eyes are focused on the clown in the White House and the daily spectacle he puts on for the world — like his latest temper tantrum at not being able to BUY another country just because he wants it. WTF is wrong with this guy? You don’t have money to feed or our poor or give toothpaste to refugees seeking asylum or health care to our citizens or school books for our public schools, but you can somehow come up with the cash to buy another country that is not for sale. SERIOUSLY? WTF? WTF? W. T. F.?