Things I’m loving this week

Yeah…it was windy that day

Goddard State Park. Just an hour down I-79, this state park has a 12.5 mile paved path that circles Lake Wilhelm, but…unlike the flat, flat, flat Presque Isle trail, this one offers a more challenging ride. I wouldn’t recommend it for little kids or beginning bikers, but it’s great for teens and adults looking for a smooth ride that still offers a bit of a workout. Bonus: It’s almost completely shaded this time of year. There are only a couple of stretches of full sun. If you have a kayak, you can launch and paddle around the lake — last time we were there, we were watching Osprey that nest there. There are also picnic areas (covered, too) and restrooms with running water.  So, if you’re sick of riding Presque Isle or want something a little less crowded, head down I79 to the Sandy Lake exit.

Stitchfix. I was so skeptical….so very, very skeptical, especially because I’m cheap, but….lord, I have no time to shop these days and a friend of mine just became a stylist and so I tried Stitchfix and….you guys..I have loved everything they sent me. I ask for just clothes (no jewelry, shoes, purses, etc.) and checkmark “the cheaper the better” and have been pretty pleased with the things they send because they are, by and large, things I’d have never tried on myself. This top is super cute and I’d have never chosen it in yellow. Ditto for that adorable dress with POCKETS. Also, those shorts fit me perfectly…PERFECTLY. My boxes have been about $130 for five items. I’m a believer. If you decide to try it….message me…I have a code & we both get $25. (I’m going to write a real blog post about this eventually…when I get the time. Yeah, don’t hold your breath….)

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Kayaking at sunset on a calm lake. I’m not sure there’s any better time to be on the water than at sunset, except maybe a sunset when there is also a full moon, so you get a sunset and a moonrise. Bonus: On Monday it was a three-fer, we got cloudbows, too.  Look carefully to the right and left of the sun in the photo above. Wow…just wow.   OH…and, we got to see these guys just after they swam onto shore.

Things I’m not loving this week

God…where do I even start with this shit. I don’t even have the energy…and what does it matter? It would seem we live in a country where half of our friends, family and neighbors are harboring some deep-seeded hatred of anyone who doesn’t look like them. I have never felt more hopeless for this country. The system is broken. When half of our Congress can’t even condemn racist speech because it would breaking from their political party, what’s left to say or do?  Our country is morally bankrupt …ironically by the party and people who claim to be so godly and religious. If there is a hell, y’all are going to burn forever.

Snow fence in July. It may not be pretty, but it had to be done to protect the babies in that birdhouse from my killer cats, who had taken to laying directly under the house…..just waiting for fledge day. That was supposed to be a bluebird house and we had one early on, but at some point the bluebird(s?) were evicted by House Wrens.