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ADDitude Magazine: Uncomfortable Truths About the ADHD Nervous System

“If I could name the qualities that would assure a person’s success in life, I would say being bright, being creative with that intelligence, and being well-liked. I would also choose hardworking and diligent. I would want many of the traits that people with ADHD possess.”

Harvard Business Review: 8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year (I often read while I walk around the track at lunchtime, I’d rather read than watch TV, and I always read in the car when we are going somewhere.)

The Discoverer Blog: 25 Classic American Landmarks to See Before You Die (I’ve seen quite a few, but….these are all on my list!)

Washington Post: The ‘Billy Graham Rule” Doesn’t Honor Your Wife. It Demeans her—and All Women (I couldn’t explain why I found Mike Pence’s “rule” about never being alone with another woman so offensive, but….man….Monica Hesse lays it all out here.)

“The most harmful aspect of the Graham/Pence rule is this: It keeps women out of the room. It says that men can forward their careers via mentoring sessions, golf games and brainstorming lunches, but women cannot. Are we to gather that, because of this rule, Foster would also never employ a female chief of staff, attorney or accountant and never visit a female doctor, dentist or physical therapist, since all of those roles would necessitate occasional alone time?

These might be acceptable, if dispiriting, choices for a private citizen to make in his own life, but a governor making them has cascading effects for hundreds of thousands of people within his bureaucracy. The Graham/Pence rule prevents women from climbing to the top of their careers because the men who have the power to help them get there won’t even let them in the room.

To add insult to injury, the men barring the door get to use their faith as the deadbolt. Their discrimination is wrapped in piety; their disdain for women is disguised as honor for wives. Rather than figuring out how to do something truly moral, like create a world in which all genders are equally able to succeed, they create a delusion where women must be protected into oblivion.

Can you imagine if Foster’s faith-based rationale was rooted in any faith but Christianity? Can you imagine if a Muslim male candidate refused to be shadowed by a female reporter? What then do you suppose would be the reaction of far-right conservative evangelicals?”