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GoErie.com: Penn State Behrend Improves Wintgreen Gorge Trail  (Exciting things finally underway in the gorge!)

New York Times: She’s 83 and a Famous Nun. Australia’s Catholic Leaders Want Her to Stay Away.  (Ha….ha….I love Sister Chittister. Just try and shut her up you old white, men. We’re done with you. We’re done being quiet. We’re done looking the other way. We. are. so. done.) 

“The archbishop has made a serious mistake,” said Gail Grossman Freyne, a family therapist, author and friend of Sister Joan’s in Melbourne. “This ban will in no way hinder Sister Joan in pursuing her apostolate. In fact, it will only increase the number of people in Melbourne, in all of Australia, who will come to hear her speak and buy her books. What kind of threat is this 83-year-old Benedictine who has spent her life preaching the gospel?”