Things I’m loving this week


Puzzles. Not because I love to do them, but because my husband and kids do and that means they (the girls) are not staring a screen, and I get the entire couch to myself to stretch out on and read in peace and solitude. It’s the little things.


My Mother’s Day gift. I’m not big on jewelry, but I do like Alex and Ani bracelets and I especially love that they come with a meaning/message. I’m pretty proud they thought of me when they saw this one.


Brunch at my sister’s house. There’s not a restaurant in town that holds a candle to my Mother’s Day brunch at my sister’s house. It is the only meal we ate that day and I think I’m still full.

moms day 5K

5Ks with the family. This is the first year my biggest brother, Joe, center, joined us for the Mother’s Day 5K. I ran with my niece Eliza, far right, and Joe and Eliza walked with my mom, who is nearly 80 and was really pissed they were last. I hope I’m still that competitive in 30+ years.  Also, I’m grateful we are past the stage where I make my kids cry at 5Ks. They’re on their own now.

Things I’m not loving this week

idiot in chief

Our chief village idiot. Let’s forget the content of this string of Randomly capitalized Tweets (which is both stupid and blatantly false) and just concentrate on the first word, which I could not get past because even FOURTH GRADERS know when to use there/they’re/their properly.  *breathes deeply* God, this is just so embarrassing.

Missing homework assignments. I am not a stickler for grades. I will not get upset over Bs or Cs even if I know damn well you could get As, but nothing boils my blood faster than seeing zeros in the online grade book for work that was not done/turned in.  Not doing the work is not acceptable….ever…for any reason.  #noexcuses #dothework

“Boys in Trees” by Carly Simon. I’m not a biography lover, in general, but I listed to a podcast with Carly Simon and was interested enough to borrow her autobiography from the library. I got bored with it pretty quickly.