A random collection of articles, blog posts, books, and other things I think are worth sharing.

Words that Matter: To the Middle Season Mamma in May (This is the best parenting piece I’ve read on the Internet in forever. It’s spot on. I literally LOL’d several times because it’s so accurate.)

BuzzFeed News: A 43-Year-Old High School Teacher Has Been Keeping A Personal List Of “Gen Z” Slang Terms He Overhears His Students Using (I’m dead.)

GoAbroad.com: 11 Gap Year Ideas to Inspire Your Teen (Some very cool opportunities here! Can I go??? Do you think they’d take burned out 47-year-old moms???)

Washington Post: Why the Gender Pay Gap Persists (interesting food for thought here)

“Embedded in the very DNA of Americans’ understanding of work is a devaluation of women’s time and skills. Men’s contributions to the public sphere — as doctors, lawyers, soldiers — have always tended to be fairly priced. Meanwhile, when women translate the tasks they’re expected to offer a household into a full-time job, they don’t receive the pay that they’re due. That’s why legislative advances on equal pay continue, but female workers don’t always see their effects.”