Things I’m loving this week


Girls weekends. Racecations (weekend trips to do a marathon or half marathon or some other race) are the perfect excuse to hang out with girlfriends for hours on end, eat all the bad food, and remember what it’s like to be as free as a teenage girl, eating pizza and laughing all night with your friends at a sleepover. Only now…we can legally consume alcohol,  too, which makes things even more hilarious. Leaving town is necessary as you have to leave the husbands, jobs, kids, pets, and housework far behind you in order to relax for 48 hours.


Lincoln Memorial. Our racecation was to the Women’s Half Marathon in D.C., where I got to hang with my niece who now lives there while she attends graduate school at American University. We made it to most of the monuments, but Lincoln was my favorite. That might be because we walked past it about 856 times, but…. still. It’s impressive. You walk a LOT in D.C. and you know I love that.


Free museums. I’m tighter than two coats of pain, so I love that all the museums in D.C. are free, free, free. I want to go back because we only had time to visit two—the Hirshorn and the Holocaust Museum.

k's hair

Pinterest. So, of the dozen high schools in Erie County, I think at least half of them have their prom this Saturday, including the girls’ school and the three surrounding districts. So, try getting a hair appointment when your kid decides to go to the Prom at the last minute. Pinterest to the rescue! We practiced a few ‘do’s on Kelly last night and I impressed myself.

prom bling

Burlington.  If you’re looking for Prom bling on the cheap, Burlington is your place. I think that purse was $7.99 and the most expensive thing up there was the hair jewelry piece that was like $10.

Things I’m not loving this week


Running in rain.  Look, if I had a choice between hot, humid, blazing sun or rain, I’d take the rain, so running 13.1 miles through D.C. in the rain was better than doing it in the sun, but…every runner knows that a long run in the rain equals one thing: chafing.  It’s never pretty. And, it’s always painful.  Yes, I did wear a “Nevertheless She Persisted” T-shirt. You did NOT expect me to run a women’s race in D.C. without making a political statement, did you? (Have we met?)

Track. Of all the sports my kids have participated in, I like this one the least. It’s cold, there’s shit going on all over the place (three ring circus), and meets last forever in the cold/wind/rain. That said, I still think it’s better than team sports, like soccer or B-ball, where there are clearly sides and parents take them up and defend them vehemently and vociferously.

MAGA morons in the Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust Museum was full, chocked full, of teenagers on field trips and that’s great, but…I could NOT stop giving the stink eye to every kid (and I saw more than one) wearing some sort of MAGA gear. Like….do you SERIOUSLY NOT SEE THE CORRELATION HERE, KID? SERIOUSLY? My God…this country….