Things I’m loving this week


1. I bought three Seresto flea-and-tick collars from Chewy, recently — one for the dog and one for each of the indoor/outdoor cats. The collars last 8 months, but they aren’t cheap (about $60 each). When I went to put the collars on the cats, I opened one container to find it contained no collar. I was like…wait….did I drop it, toss it by accident…I looked everywhere. No collar and no bag (they come in a plastic bag), so the only conclusion is that there was no collar in the container. I wrote to Chewy…not sure what to expect. They immediately apologized & sent a new one. That’s customer service!

2. Brene Brown’s Netflix special. If you have Netflix, this is definitely worth your time.

Along those lines:

3. Green Book. We finally got to see this Oscar-nominated movie and it did not disappoint. It’s at RedBox now and it’s fabulous. My entire family enjoyed it.

pink CD

4. Pink – Hurts 2B Human.  Some of the lyrics are explicit, but….you know I love that. And, I love Pink. The first few songs are particularly kick-ass, but overall it’s a nother great album of music. Now…if only I could figure out how to get it onto my iPod shuffle (yeah, I’m a Luddite who still buys actual CDs).


5. Microsoft’s Travel Itinerary template. Lauren suggested I write an itinerary for our trip out West so everybody knew the plan and I found this awesome template offered by Microsoft for Excel. They actually offered several itinerary template. I chose the one above that has separate sheets for lodging, travel, packing, etc. I’ve been totally geeking out on this thing.  (I sort of wish I’d looked for it in Google Drive first because I think that would be more easily accessible while traveling, but….I think I can open an Excel sheet in Drive).

Things I’m not loving this week

1. Sinus infections. I rarely get sick, but when I do, it always….always….turns into a sinus infection. I had a bad cold earlier this week and it seems to be gone, but…now my face hurts, which tells me there’s a sinus infection. I’ll probably gut it out because I have no time or money to go to a doctor right now. It blows because I’m off on a girls’ weekend to a half marathon. That ought to be fun with a pounding head, a painful face and a still-healing ankle, eh?

2. William Barr. I’m so sick of people in government— public servants—who forget (or don’t care) who they work for. The A.G. works for the American people, not the president, and yet, there was our A.G. acting like 45s defense attorney. Our system is so broken. So broken. When our checks and balances aren’t working, we’re a democracy in serious trouble. Barr, like anyone who flies too close to 45, has torched his reputation.


3. The neverending cycle of laundry. In a house with two teenage girls and three runners, it’s not easy to keep up with the laundry, but this weekend, I had just finished folding the last stitch of dirty clothes in the house when I came up the stairs (laundry basket in hand) to see this. I wanted to weep.